Unable to resolve reference ‘UnityEditor.ios.Extenstions.Xcode’.

Recently I have deployed a game to IOS using Unity which can be found here.

I was having battery problems with my Macbook, so I went and bought a PC to see if I like it better(I don’t). The reason being is I can’t run Xcode on my widows machine so building to IOS is nearly impossible without buying some sort of VM.

So instead of paying the extra money for a VM I figured I’d try my hand at deploying my game to Android.

I downloaded the Android Build support in Unity and pulled in my project.

Everything worked smoothly, although I kept getting the error: Unable to resolve reference ‘UnityEditor.ios.Extenstions.Xcode’. this error was followed by a few other things, but the solution to fix is probably what you are looking for.

What you need to do to fix this error is download the IOS build support in the Unity Hub application and reload your project.

Link to where I finally found my solution here.

As I use Unity I come across a bunch of problems in my game development journey, often It’s hard to find a direct solution to these problems, hence why I’m making this series. This is the first in a series. So please comment below if you have any feedback on format, the ability to find this post, etc. Anything that can help me improve these sorts of posts.

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