Optimizing Your Unity Game For Mobile

Content in this article is based off of this video.

You might have a large game that requires you to make some sacrifices to improve performance on some older devices. In this article I provide you with some very simple solutions to achieve greater performance for your mobile games.

Objects that aren’t going to move make them ‘Static Objects’ in the inspector.

UI elements that aren’t going to be clicked on, toggle the ‘raycast target’ to off, also toggle the maskable option to off as well.
– This will speed up your game because it doesn’t have to constantly check for the raycast every single frame.

Turn off ‘pixel perfect’ mode on your canvas objects.
-Because who knows what this does anyways?

Set Collision Detection to ‘Discrete’ on RigidBodies.
-The other options may perform more realistically, but will make your game perform slower. Use in accordance to what works best for your game.

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