I have always been interested in Film, and video games from a young age. My parents were in the film industry so they taught me about plot structure and we would play a game while watching movies together to see who could predict the movie first before it had ended.

With My father being a software engineer I started getting into computer programming, designing Myspace layouts for friends and coding websites in HTML and CSS.
As I got older my parents started putting pressure on me in finding a career path. I knew I wanted to do something that included both Computers and Film. This is what brought me to 3D computer graphics.

As I started trying to make films, I realized that you need to have a lot of resources, Cameras, Lights, Actors, and all of that can cost a lot of money, and as a 13 year old kid with no job I couldn’t afford that. This is when I found Blender a Free 3D program that included all of these things for free.

As I started to learn Blender and creating my first models and animations. I soon began to realize that the high-polygon characters that I wanted to create for my films where not only out of my skill range at the time, but my computer probably couldn’t even handle the polygon count. This pushed me towards games, since with video games you purposely have to have low-poly characters so that your games can run on multiple devices smoothly.

Soo, I started learning Unity3D! As I started making games I then realized that I need to learn an actual programming language in order to make my games work. So I started learning C# (CSharp), learning/teaching myself a programming language was probably one of the hardest tasks I’ve ever done since I’m mostly a visual learner.

But 12 years later and I have released two games on the IOS AppStore.